For injured workers

Recovery from injury or illness can be a difficult journey that can physically and emotionally challenge you. As workplace rehabilitation consultants we truly understand the anxiety you may be feeling, the many questions you may have and the complex choices that you may need to make. Our role is broad and essentially it is to support you!

Work Rehab has been providing quality occupational rehabilitation services throughout Australia for over 12 years. We provide specialist care in workplace rehabilitation, injury management and corporate health. Today, we have over 100 experienced rehabilitation consultants throughout Australia, achieving outstanding recovery and health outcomes for our clients and promoting the Health Benefits of Good Work.

What is a workplace rehabilitation provider?

A workplace rehabilitation provider is an accredited organisation, comprised of tertiary qualified allied health professionals who specialises in the complex needs of workers and employers to achieve successful return to work outcomes following injury or illness.

Who is a workplace rehabilitation consultant?

A workplace rehabilitation consultant is a tertiary qualified allied health professional who specialises in the complex needs of workers following an injury or illness. They assist workers to recover, return to work or re-engage in life.

It is important to know that workplace rehabilitation consultants are independent of the insurer or employer. They usually work in collaboration with your trusted treating team, including your doctors, psychologist and allied health professionals involved in your care.

A workplace rehabilitation consultant understands the complexity of the regulatory environment and the workplace, and they know how a person’s family and broader social networks can be impacted by an injury, illness or workplace event.

Every day our workplace rehabilitation consultants help people just like you. They can –

  • work with your employer and your doctor to design a plan to help you recover at work.

  • assess your capacity for work to assist you to return to work sooner.

  • work with your treating team to ensure you are undertaking the most appropriate treatment to assist with your recovery.

  • guide and help you retrain and find new employment in the case that you are unable to return to your pre-injury work.

  • improve your confidence and empower you to understand and better manage your own recovery journey.

  • work with you to regain independence, health or well- being goals.

What you can expect from Work Rehab

  • Contact within 24 hours of receiving your referral to further discuss your injury / illness and make an appointment as required

  • Your initial meeting may be in one of our offices, at your workplace, in your home or via telehealth.

  • Connection with an experienced rehabilitation consultant who will support you throughout your rehabilitation journey.

  • An individualised return to work or rehabilitation plan that can be adjusted as your rehabilitation progresses.

  • A holistic and tailored best practice approach. Your consultant will consider your work, rehabilitation, well-being or health goals.

Have you been injured at work?

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