Why choose Work Rehab?

Since 2011, we have helped over 12,000 people return to work and life. We consistently receive feedback about why clients choose us and continue to work with us.

As an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider, Work Rehab is guided by the HWCA principles of practice for workplace rehabilitation providers. Our clients benefit from our specialised service – workplace rehabilitation – it’s what we do! 

As injury management experts, we deliver early and thorough clinical assessment with a client-centred approach to recovery. We use our clinical expertise to empower clients in their recovery. Additionally, organisations are supported to create safe and positive work environments through corporate risk profiling.

We understand the legislation and requirement of all jurisdictions in which we operate to reduce the complexity that can accompany recovery at and return to work. 

We get results!


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people successfully return to work and life

Trusted and Independent

Our consultants specialise in the unique needs of workers following an injury or illness. They understand how a person’s family and broader social networks can also be impacted by events that result in injury, conflict an illness.   

Whilst we are engaged by insurers or employers, Work Rehab is an independent rehabilitation provider. This means we work with all stakeholders, holding the interests of recovery and return to work paramount, relative to each individual involved.

Evidence Based

The Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) underpin our service delivery and compliment the Principles of Practice for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers that we adhere to and are guided by.

We approach each client, considering the biological, social and psychological determinants of health when we develop a workplace rehabilitation plan to achieve ‘whole person health’. Every plan is tailored to an individual worker’s injury, needs, circumstances and goals. In our experience, a multidisciplinary approach to care is key to achieving the best outcomes.  


With an accomplished leadership group and an exceptional team of allied health professionals, you really are in the best hands with Work Rehab.   We provide quality service with that boutique feel. 

With over 13 years’ experience, we know what it takes to meet the needs of our customers and clients. We have an impressive record of successful outcomes and personal success stories. 

We leverage the exceptional experience of our professional workforce to deliver outstanding services and outcomes, uniquely customised to client needs. The efficacy of our service delivery, quality assurance, and clinical governance is underpinned by the experienced team we have built. 

Our people are our greatest strength and we are universally recognised in the industry as an employer of choice.

Australia wide

Wherever you work or live, Work Rehab can assist you. We can visit you and your team onsite to thoroughly assess the needs of your business and employees, or we can conduct virtual meetings to suit your schedule.

We collaborate with all parties involved in a return to work, as well as engaging directly with treating health and medical practitioners.

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