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Work Rehab has been providing quality occupational rehabilitation services (injury management, injury prevention, corporate health, workplace rehabilitation) throughout Australia since 2011. Today, we have over 110 compassionate, highly skilled allied health professionals achieving outstanding return to work (RTW) outcomes for our clients.

As experts in occupational health, we are guided by the Principles of Practice for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers as stipulated by the Heads of Workers’ Compensation Authorities (HWCA). We provide evidence-based advice on best practice recovery and return to work and advocate for all stakeholders about the Health Benefits of Good Work. 

We are a national provider with consultants working in all capital cities and across regional Australia.

We have been appointed to several provider panels and deliver workplace rehabilitation services to clients within state-based workers’ compensation schemes, Comcare, Department of Veterans Affairs, self-insured employers, income protection and life insurance, and CTP insurance.  In addition, we work directly with employers in early intervention, prevention and wellbeing services.

Referrers value our reliable and timely service and practical management of complex claims, appreciating our 100% success rate in delivering service level agreements with customers.

We look forward to working with you.  

Who we work with

WorkCover Queensland
Work Rehab has had an enduring relationship with WorkCover Queensland since 2011.
Work Rehab provides comprehensive workplace rehabilitation services to organisations covered by Comcare.
Corporate Employers
We believe people are the most important asset in a business and progressive workplaces invest in their people.
As a Comcare accredited provider of rehabilitation services, Work Rehab is proud of the important work we do with Veterans.
WorkCover WA
We have been assisting workers in Western Australia since 2018 and are accredited with WorkCover WA.
WorkSafe Tasmania
Work Rehab works closely with WorkSafe Tasmania to support workers in the state.
WorkSafe ACT
Work Rehab has been supporting workers under the WorkSafe ACT scheme since 2018.
Life Insurance & CTP
Work Rehab has been assisting life insurance and CTP clients nationally since 2016.

Workplace rehabilitation provides a ROI of at least $28 in claims cost savings for every $1 invested