Workplace Rehabilitation

Workplace rehabilitation is a managed process involving timely intervention with appropriate and adequate services based on assessed need. It is also aimed at maintaining injured or ill employees in or returning them to suitable employment. Safework Australia  

It involves a coordinated effort between employers, employees, and rehabilitation providers to support the employee's recovery and return to work. This typically includes adjusting work duties, ensuring necessary medical treatment, and providing a safe and supportive environment. The goal is to minimise the impact of injury or illness on a worker's ability to earn a living while maintaining their health and well-being. It's a vital part of the Australian work landscape, promoting both productivity and the welfare of employees. 

A workplace rehabilitation provider plays a crucial role in this process by offering a range of services to both employers and employees. They are engaged to provide specialised expertise in addition to what is available within the employer’s and insurer’s operations. These services may include conducting workplace assessments to identify potential risks, developing tailored return-to-work plans, coordinating with healthcare professionals and insurance companies, and offering training and support to employees to help them regain their work-related skills and confidence.

Additionally, workplace rehabilitation providers can help employers create more inclusive and accommodating work environments, ensuring compliance with legal requirements and fostering a culture of support and well-being within the organisation. Workplace rehabilitation providers contribute to the overall health and productivity of the workforce, benefiting both employees and their employers. 

Individual Assessments and Services:

  • Initial Rehabilitation Assessment  
  • Medial Case Conferencing   
  • Workplace Assessment  
  • Ergonomic Assessment 
  • Vocational Counselling and Assessment  
  • Transferable Skills Analysis  
  • Labour Market Analysis  
  • Adjustment to Injury Counselling  
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation  
  • Psychological Functional Capacity Evaluation 
  • Earning Capacity Assessment  
  • Employability Assessment 
  • Recover at and Return to Work Plans 
  • Job Preparation and Job Seeking  
  • Resume and Interview Preparation  
  • Workplace Facilitated Discussion  
  • Host Employment 


The Health Benefits of Good Work (HBGW) is an initiative based on evidence that good work is beneficial to people’s health and wellbeing and that long term work absence, work disability and unemployment generally have a negative impact on health and wellbeing.

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