Injury management

Injury management is the comprehensive assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of individuals who have suffered injury and/or illness, where work-related or not. Injury management can occur after a workplace injury, a motor vehicle accident or an injury/illness sustained in daily life.

Our experienced and qualified allied health professionals, place the person at the centre of recovery and rehabilitation, with support to understand and regain control of their life.  This may include facilitating medical and health treatment, vocational assistance and supporting them back to regular daily activities. The main goal of injury management is to ensure that the person recovers optimally, minimising the impact of the injury/illness on their life.  

Individual Assessments and Services:

  • Early Intervention Initial Assessment 
  • Functional Assessment 
  • ADL and Home Assessment 
  • Psychological Functional Assessment 
  • Psychosocial Risk Assessment 
  • Client-centred goal setting 
  • Recovery plans 
  • Recover at Home Program 
  • Wellness Plans

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