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Industry Experience

12 years industry experience is the average amongst our 50 consultants

Work Rehab is an accredited workplace rehabilitation provider servicing Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT as well as most capital cities in Australia

occupational rehabilitation services

Work Rehab works with insurers, government agencies and departments, employers and legal firms to deliver best-practice occupational rehabilitation services.


Our dynamic team of health professionals work together to achieve positive outcomes for your organisation and staff. We do this through personalised, pro-active case management and specialised rehabilitation services.

Our friendly, knowledgeable service staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have or direct you to your industry specialists.

Who we are

We love to be the best, which is why we are constantly seeking innovative ways of making things work.

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Told by our clients and staff. Read about our out of the box solutions, innovative treatments and exceptional outcomes.

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Our service area is always expanding. Our team of professionals are now available in Qld, NSW, ACT, SA, WA & TAS

What's New

Tailored vocational programs, new staff experience, Industry awards, new office locations around Australia.
Stay at work


The primary goal for someone who has sustained an injury in the workplace is to remain at work in their current position.

return to work


Injury or illness can prevent a person from performing their inherent job tasks at their usual place of work. 

make it work


Often when someone sustains an injury there are other factors inhibiting recovery, such as financial strain.

finding work


When an injured worker is not able to return to their previous job, we can assist with rehabiliation &  RTW facilitation

preventative services


A significant and positive change can be made to your employees health and wellbeing, in as little as 30 mins.

self administered online ergonomics


Be the employer that is providing safe and sustainable ergonomic solutions to their staff who are now working from home.

host employment


When an employer offers someone looking for work the opportunity to get some experience in a particular role

online jobseeking program


11 tailored modules delivered via our online learning platform – anytime, anywhere across any device. Developed by leading industry professionals.

workplace wellness


Have you considered a staff wellness check up?  We can help improve productivity and happiness at work

project management


Where there is a gap in service delivery and a solution, the management team at Work Rehab will innovate the change.

WorkRehab workplace rehabilitation services

Our Vision

To be Australia’s preferred provider of occupational rehabilitation services.

Our Mission

By proactively working with you, we utilise our exceptional staff and resources to achieve the best outcomes.

Our Philosophy

To provide a holistic, outcome-focused approach in achieving rehabilitation goals. We are also a specialist rehabilitation provider for veterans needing assistance to transition into civilian life and work. We not only deliver complete case management rehabilitation services and integrated return to work services, but we also run workshops and training to enable empowerment, assist with goal setting and teach mindfulness strategies for those wishing to get on with their life.

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What our clients say…
Jacqui is one of those rare people who combines creative flair with good business sense. When she started Work Rehab she had a vision of making the company a leader in the field of rehabilitation in the Sunshine Coast. I believe she has not only achieved that objective but has exceeded expectations. She has developed a business with a sound framework and her professionalism, hard work and attention to detail have been rewarded with a business which continues to progress.
Dr Lyndon Wall

Consultant Occupational Physician

I will most certainly advocate anyone to get in touch with Work Rehab if they also require your services. The N.U.M of the ward had stated that you (Work Rehab) seem to be “right on the money” and “a lot more proactive” then my last rehab provider, to which I definitely agree with. I am still in awe at how you and the team at Work Rehab have done so much for me in such a short amount of time, I am so grateful.  Thank you doesn’t seem to be a big enough word right now for all your effort. I would just like to thank you and Work Rehab again for your superior work ethic and support in helping me to finally begin my new life.

Ex Australian Defence Force


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