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When someone has sustained an injury or illness causing that person to not be able to work, we can assist with a Return to Work plan.  Research states that the sooner one returns to work after injury, the better the long term outcome.  Work Rehab can provide the following services to ensure a swift and successful return to work

Initial Needs Assessment

Our Initial Needs Assessments are used to assess the client’s current abilities and challenges across physical, cognitive and psychosocial aspects of their life. Collaboratively, SMART goals (Simple, Realistic, Motivational, Achievable, Timely) and rehabilitation plan are developed to ensure client’s needs are met for optimum function in daily activities and workplace activities.

Workplace Assessment

A workplace assessment provides a breakdown of a worker’s tasks and responsibilities. Our Occupational Therapists are skilled in task analysis and have a minimum of 5 years industry experience in workplace rehabilitation. We are dedicated to providing accurate and efficient assessments to determine appropriate outcome focused suitable duties plans.

Pre-employment Functional Capacity

Pre-employment Examinations are about minimising risk for both your organisation and your employees. By ensuring that the potential employee has the requirements to fulfil the physical and psychological demands of the job, you are helping to protect their health, the health of their co-workers and the health of your company. We understand that employers need a pre-employment examination service that provides quality results in a timely manner and at Work Rehab we have a team of medical and health professionals in place to ensure that this occurs. We assess from our office suite in Noosaville, or can come to your workplace for large groups if required.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

A Functional Capacity Assessment aims to provide a clear indication of a worker’s current functional capabilities. Work Rehab provides both standardized assessment procedures (Workhab) as well as Mini FCEs. The Workhab procedure provides a complete overview of current function, whereas the mini FCE targets key areas relevant to the worker’s needs in the workplace or specific to their injury. All FCEs are provided by trained OTs with a minimum of 5 years field experience.

Case Conference

Communication is key. We know how important it is for transparency when managing someone through the mixed bag of legislation, injury, personality, beliefs and motivations. A case conference is a way of enabling clear and transparent information. It is best used for goal setting, where all stakeholders can contribute their specialty area of knowledge. A medical case conference is handy when the provider and worker and doctor want to clarify the capacity of a worker and how they can Recover at Work. A workplace case conference is helpful when discussing what duties are available, or what other aspects need to be addressed which cant always be seen on a medical certificate.

Vocational Counselling

Work Rehab consultant incorporate vocational counselling into the general case management of a RTW claim. Our health professionals are trained to liaise with the treating providers and employment consultants working collaboratively with the client to ensure a clear goal is identified and then clear strategies to achieve this. only through clear communication can vocational counselling be effective to the injured worker. At this juncture in their life they require assistance to identify a clear way forward.

Fit for Work Assessments

Fit for Work Assessments are conducted to help determine a worker’s ability to safely perform the duties of the role for which they are applying. The assessment is performed after medical examination and consent from the worker’s GP. “According to the commentary, the term “fitness for work” means that a person is in a physical and psychological state which enables them to perform their work tasks competently and in a manner which does not threaten their safety, health or wellbeing, or that of others.” LexisNexis 2012: http://www.lexisnexis.com.au/pdfs/mining-safety-law/fitness-for-work-sample-chapter.pdf

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