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How do I refer to you if I have an injury at work but am not the employer or doctor?

Ask your doctor to call us directly and tell your claims manager that you would like to see us. Give them our details and then we can handle if from here. You will usually not be required to cover the cost of anything if you are on a claim and are entitled to rehabilitation assistance.

Will it cost me anything to see you?

Usually, if you are covered under a claim, it will not cost you anything. We manage that part for you by directly contacting your insurance company.

What can you do to help me return to work?

We can assess you in our rooms or at the workplace and determine what the main barriers are. Once this is established we work with you and your employer and treating practitioners to facilitate a graded and sustainable return to work.

Will I need to change doctors?

The reforms to the Comcare scheme require that medical treatment be provided by legally qualified health practitioners. As long as your doctor is legally qualified in Australia you will not be required to change doctors.

I get massages and acupunture to help me with my injury. Will these still be covered?

The Government’s reforms to the Comcare scheme aim to improve the health and return to work outcomes of injured employees and ensure better care and service provision. As part of these changes, medical treatment must be provided by legally qualified health practitioners and must be evidenced-based.

Will I have to go back to work before I am ready?

An injured employee will not be forced to return to work before they are able to do so. Return to work is based on medical evidence and advice and is planned in consultation with the employee and their supervisor.

The Health Benefits of Work position statement states… work is generally good for mental and physical health, and wellbeing. Work can help in recovery from injury or illness. An early, supported return to work can reduce the risk of longer term disability.

As an injured worker, do I have to lodge a claim if I have sustained an injury in the workplace?

If you have sustained a work-related injury, you may be required to take time off work and receive medical treatment. If you expect to be reimbursed or compensated for these expenses by your employer and their insurer, you must lodge a claim for workers compensation. An injured worker cannot be forced to lodge a claim. However, injured workers must be aware that failure to notify their employer of an injury or failure to make a claim for compensation within legislated time periods may jeopardise their entitlement to compensation.

What happens on my first appointment and thereafter?

Your designated Work Rehab Rehabilitation Consultant (allied health professional) will contact you to arrange a suitable time and place to discuss your needs and conduct an initial assessment.

We may do other assessments with you depending on the circumstances. Following this, the Consultant will work with you to create suitable goals to work towards, which will then be created into a Plan in consult with all concerned.

For example, if an agreed goal is to return to suitable employment, the RTW Rehab team member will help you to either: – get back to the same or similar/modified job with your same employer – get the similar or different job with a different employer

The RTW Rehab team member continues to work with all concerned and will meet with you as often as is needed to review your progress and reassess your needs until you achieve your goals.

Doctors & Treating Providers

How do I refer my patient to you?

Look at our brochure for Treating Medical Practitioners and it will tell you how. Otherwise simply call us and we can assist from there.

What types of services do you provide?

We provide injury and work related Occupational Therapy services (Functional Capacity Evaluations, Pre-Employment Functional Assessments, Workplace Assessments, Suitable Duties plans, Case Management, Injury Prevention Assessments for non-claim patients, Home Assessments, ADL assessments, Cognitive Assessments, Psychosocial Assessments and Intervention). We provide injury and work-related Psychological Assessments (Adjustment to Injury Counselling, General Counselling, Critical Incident de-briefing, Trauma Counselling, Mediation). We provide Rehabilitation Counsellor services (vocational assessments, transferable skills analyses, assistance with job seeking and recruitment, injury disclosure).

Do you see patients for D904 or Enhanced Primary Care plans?

No. There are numerous private OT’s who provide this service and can be located throughout the OT Australia website

Do you see patients under insurance claims?

Yes – we specialise in litigious work. We can assist patients who have been in a motor vehicle accident return to work and life. They may not know that they are entitled to this assistance so it is important to ask them if they have a CTP claim. We also provide assistance to patients who cannot work and have a Life Insurance or Income Protection Insurance policy. Again it is important to ask them. IF you cannot answer their questions simply give them our phone number and we can help them to access this funding.


Do you travel to our worksite?

Yes, we do.

Can you help me with an employee who is not on a claim?

Yes we can. We are happy to provide a quote for services. We can also come to you and meet with you to discuss your needs free of charge.

What can I do to improve the wellness of my workplace?

We are happy to come to your workplace free of charge and do a Workplace Health Check to assist with strategies to move forward. These may include education to staff or line managers who can then educate staff, OHS flyers for staff, incentive schemes for staff to boost morale, address absence and leave rates, injury prevention workshops, manual handling workshops, ergonomic sessions.

How much do you charge?

We charge an hourly rate in line with the gazetted Workcover rates. We are happy to provide tailored quotes to you on the specific needs of your business and will remain competitive with other quotes if you let us know your budget and needs. We can provide training for as little as $50 per person when there are 10 or more in a group.

What services do you provide for my business?

We provide the full range of occupational health services, including: Task Analysis and Job Dictionary, Ergonomic Assessment and Training, Mediation, Conflict Resolution and Dispute Handling, Resilience Workshops, Workplace Assessments and Suitable Duties plans, Pre-Employment Functional Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations, Workplace Wellness Programs.


Who can refer to you?

Anyone can refer to us. Most of work is referred by insurance companies, federal agencies, workcover, DVA, treating practitioners and employers directly. We are accredited with Workcover NSW and QLD, Comcare, MAIC and MAA trained and a member of ARPA .

How do I refer to you?

Simply call us to discuss your needs so that we can provide with you with any information you may require beforehand. Or you can fill in the referral form at the bottom of the page.

What to you charge?

Our rates are in line with the injury management and Workcover industry. Look at the current gazetted rates for your state and you will find that our rates are very similar. We can also provide reduced rates for preferred providers based on volume of work.

Where do you service?

We provide service to Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and capital cities in WA, SA and Tasmania.

Do you charge travel?

Yes we do charge travel. It is less than the consultancy rate and in line with the industry gazetted rate.

Work Rehab Offices

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