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Work Rehab’s values are the core ethos of Work Rehab and also in line with our statement of commitment to the Code of Conduct for Workplace Rehabilitation Providers.


They are:


We respect all stakeholders involved in the rehabilitation process, our peers, ourselves, the law, the system of government, and the community.


We aim to continually improve our performance in all aspects of our work and strive to work to achieve the best outcomes for all stakeholders involved in the injury management process.


We are dedicated to achieving the goals set with our clients.

We are diligent in our processes and service delivery, and are committed to supporting our staff to balance work and life.


We believe that every person involved in the injury management process has the right to be heard and ensure to work with all stakeholders.


We set timely goals and strive to work within the timeframes set by the different systems that we operate within.

Our outcomes reflect this.


We trust each other and aim to act with fairness and equality at all times.

Our procedures are transparent and adhere to all guidelines within the jurisdictions we work in.

Work Rehab Offices

Suite 305
Noosaville Medical and Professional Centre
90 Goodchap St
Noosaville Q 4566
Unit 2, Level 5
Paddington Central
107 Latrobe Terrace
Paddington Qld 4064
Suite W3B5, Building 2
Sydney Corporate Park
75 – 85 O’Riordan St
Alexandria NSW 2015
Level 1, 1 Burelli St
Wollongong NSW 2500
22/363 Hillsborough Road
Warners Bay NSW 2282
Unit 1, 22 Napier Close
Deakin ACT 2600

Our Philosophy


Work Rehab is an accredited rehabilitation provider providing occupational and injury  management services within a wide range of industries and legislative frameworks. Our philosophy is based on providing a holistic and outcome focussed approach to achieving rehabilitation goals for people who have experienced injury or illness either at work or as a result of a motor vehicle accident.

We work with all parties involved in the injury management process and by using a biopsychosocial clinical model in conjunction with the Workplace Rehabilitation Model, we are consistently achieving sound outcomes for the injured party within reasonable timeframes and in a cost effective manner. We believe that communication is an underlying key to successful outcomes, combined with evidence based practice and clinical knowledge.


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