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Manual Handling Training

We offer training strategies for employers within the workplace or for clients needing a little assistance to get back into the workforce. “Manual handling is any task that requires you to push, pull, lift, carry, move, hold, or lower any object, person or animal.” “Manual tasks include tasks that have repetitive actions, or sustained postures.” We offer training to assist with manual handling

  • Ergonomic and Safe Lifting
  • OHS awareness and risk management
  • Workplace assessments with follow up recommendations for the implementation of return to work programs and monitoring of programs.


Employment Transition Workshops

Work Rehab is an accredited rehabilitation provider.  Our core business has been providing injury management services to injured workers and working with their treating providers to either keep them a t work or assist them with the transition to new work.   More recently we have found that through the combination of health professionals managing the injury management process and employment consultants providing the vocational tools to gain new employment our success rates have increased exponentially.  By providing group workshops to our clients we can work collaboratively to achieve vocational goals.  Participants share their stories and encourage each other along their new vocational path.

1. Changing Lanes (3 hours)

This workshop is designed for two groups of participants:

  • Medically discharged service men and women seeking assistance with the transition to civilian life, and
  • Injured workers who cannot return to their pre injury employment.

This workshop is all about change and the benefits we can bring to our post injury vocations.  It explores who you are and where you can go from here.

2. Taking Control (3 hours)

This workshop explores transferable skills and how you can make the most of your pre injury experience.  It provides current labour market statistics and identifies where the realistic job options are for you.  It identifies vocational needs and enables goal setting using a SMART goal method.  It explores RPL and possible conversions. By the end of this workshop participants should have a fairly clear idea of what they need to do to achieve their vocational goals.

3. Making it happen (3 hours)

This workshop provides the tools to make it happen:

  • Looking for jobs—online, cold canvassing
  • Resume development—owning your own resume
  • Cover letter application  – how to be heard

4. Getting there (3 hours)

This workshop builds on the previous workshop and provides the final tools to secure sustainable alternative employment.  It covers:

  • Job application (using your resume)
  • Job seeking and monitoring (organizational skills)
  • Top tips for career transition
  • Labour market
  • Interview skills
  • Injury disclosure
  • Keeping the job

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