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A significant and positive change can be made to your employees health and wellbeing, in as little as 30 mins.

We are passionate about encouraging positive cultures in the workplace and educating staff to the point where they feel responsible for their own health and well-being. Workplace wellness measures can be implemented in workplaces.

Some common preventative services we provide:

  • stress and resilience training
  • ergonomic assessments
  • manual handling training
  • employment transition workshops
  • injury prevention
  • mental health awareness
  • creating positive work cultures

We understand that time is precious and environments have become flexible meaning staff are not often at work at the same time.

For this reason we are able to develop training to meet your needs. In one hour for Ergonomic, Manual Handling, Stress and Resilience and Mental Health Awareness training packages, you can make a difference in you workplace. We can stagger training over several weeks, giving you time to implement change / recommendations to the workplace and then have us come back and answer questions from your staff or your Team Leaders.

We personalise and adapt our delivery to suit the specific needs of your organisation and your people.

Stress and Resilience
4 hours over 4 weeks

Injured workers with high resilience tend to recover more quickly, return to work more quickly and have less expensive claims?

Week 1: one hour session to Team Leaders on identifying risks and implementing strategies to build resilience (embracing change)
Week 2: one hour session on findings from this implementation and how the staff reacted, and also troubleshooting issues that have arisen
Week 3: maintaining change and educating staff by Team Leaders
Week 4: recognising Champions among staff by the Team Leaders who can then continue to nurture the changes made

Ergonomic and work station assessments
30 minute session

Good posture, good ergonomics and good working behaviours. We provide a 30 minute presentation followed by individual 10 minute workstation assessments.  Report provided to acknowledge Preventative practices and to summarise outcomes of the individual assessments with any recommendations.

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