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Host Employment OR a Work Trial is a term used when an employer offers someone looking for work the opportunity to get some experience in a particular role in their organisation.  It is very useful for injured workers who are looking to return to work in a different field.

Work Rehab has an extensive database of proactive and empathetic employers willing to provide host placements.  We aim to secure a work trial within one week of referral.

How does it work?

From a rehabilitation perspective, it usually begins with the injured worker. Our rehab consultants are trained to identify suitable new vocational areas for someone who can no longer work in their previous job and are looking to find work elsewhere. Once we have an idea of what to look for, our Employment Consultants will then call Employers to see if they are able to offer host employment.

Who benefits?

It is a valuable tool for the injured worker to gain on the job experience, and also provide the opportunity to gradually increase their work fitness at the same time.

It is valuable for the Employer as it can be a way of training someone without having to pay them whilst they learn. And it is usually covered by insurance which eliminates risk of liability.

I am an Employer who would like to help…

A large portion of our client base are ex-military who come armed with multiple transferable skills and are often highly sought after for specific workplaces. We have Employers call us to offer host employment to numerous candidates as they understand that an injury does not mean that all transferable skills are gone, and most importantly the work ethic remains. If you are such an employer call us today….

How successful is it to actually securing paid employment? 

Have a look at some of our more recent outcomes (March – MAY 2017)


Example 1: Started a work trial as a car salesman

After one week they offered him a traineeship. He commenced this on the 2/05/2017


Example 2: Has completed courses in agriculture

and is still completing a work trial at a dairy farm.


Example 3: completed a work trial at a pet boarding kennel

Now actively job seeking with our assistance.


Example 4: started a work trial at a Funeral Home

Is loving this, we are hopeful of a job offer at the end


Example 5: about to start work trial at Dick Johnson Racing Team Penske

(a niche job market) and hopeful of a paid role at the end


Example 6: started a work trial with a corporate telephone sales company

if it goes well they have said that they will offer him a job


Example 7: doing a work trial in an engineering company (project work)

and has been offered paid work (contract)


Example 8: completed a work trial in an architect firm

They have said that they will consider him for a role once he completes his diploma in a years time.

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