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Using a client-centred approach based on a biopsychosocial model, we empower you to own your vocational goal and provide you with the tools to achieve this.


We are connected to a range of labour market specialists, universities and HR expert networks, including the Australian Human Resource Institute. We also have relationships with private and public sector organisations across all jurisdictions within Australia.

These relationships and connections provide Work Rehab with increased intelligence and options to support host employment positions for our clients, as well as ensure we stay abreast with current trends in the labour market.

Our job seeking services use evidence-based approaches across national and local labour markets, ensuring we remain leaders in the field of re-deployment, particularly for our injured works returning to a different vocation.

We are firmly committed to supporting people to find relevant job opportunities and to develop the skills to independently job seek over the medium term.

Transferable Skills Analysis

A Transferable Skills Analysis is an assessment of a worker’s employment history to determine what other potential employment opportunities the worker may be suited to. A Transferable Skills Analysis is conducted if the worker’s previous position no longer exists in the local job market or the worker can no longer perform their past position (e.g. due to injury). Potential employment pathways are considered based on the skills, attributes and experience gained through the worker’s employment history that can be transferred into a new role.

Vocational Assessments

A Vocational Assessment consists of in depth analysis of a worker’s transferable skills, education history, work experience, social situation, current functional status and interests. A report is generated in conjunction with a labour market analysis to provide realistic vocational options and goals for the injured worker who cannot return to their pre-injury position or workplace. Liaison with treating medical practitioners and/or treating health professionals is also undertaken to ensure the vocational options identified are supported by current functional status and long term prognosis of the worker.

Host Employment / Work Trials

Host employment/placement, or work training provides an opportunity to return to work at a different workplace. This is only considered if it’s been determined that the pre-injury employer does not have suitable duties available. If a worker has a capacity for work, and their old employer doesn’t have duties for the worker, there is a responsibility on the behalf of the insurer to find the worker alternate suitable duties.
Host programs are fully funded by the insuring body (e.g. WorkCover QLD/CTP schemes) and aid the worker in gaining practical experience and training in a new job. Host programs also aid in increasing the worker’s return to work physical fitness and allow the worker an opportunity to demonstrate to a potential employer the worker’s ability to do the job. There are also benefits for employers to Host a worker through a Host program. Find out more about our recent success stories…

Vocational Counselling

Work Rehab consultant incorporate vocational counselling into the general case management of a RTW claim. Our health professionals are trained to liaise with the treating providers and employment consultants working collaboratively with the client to ensure a clear goal is identified and then clear strategies to achieve this. only through clear communication can vocational counselling be effective to the injured worker. At this juncture in their life they require assistance to identify a clear way forward.

Individual Job Seeking

Many injured workers sustain injuries that prevent them from returning to their pre-injury position or workplace which results in them seeking employment elsewhere. Often the worker is unable to identify work options and will require a Vocational Assessment or Transferable Skills Analysis to assist with determining clear vocational goals. Once a clear goal is established they may then require job seeking assistance. Our Employment Consultants are able to provide the most current and localized job seeking assistance available. With local provider knowledge they can assist the worker to seek for alternative employment as well as provide motivation, resumes, interview skills, links to local agencies and how to locate most jobs available in the labour market.

Resume & Interview Preparation

Work Rehab provides Resume and Interview Preparation support as part of our Employment Services. The aim of resume and interview preparation is to educate clients on resume compilation and construction, and tips on how to conduct themselves at an interview with a potential employer, including things what to ask and how to present themselves.

Resume assistance is aimed at building the worker’s resume to specifically detail the past work history and the worker’s achievements to match the individual selection criteria of the position being applied for. As the job market is competitive, we hope to aid in making our client’s stand out for job selection.<

Interview Preparation is aimed at aiding the worker in researching the workplace and job selection criteria; assisting with compiling information that can answer questions the Company interviewing might ask; and dressing and conducting themselves appropriately for the interview specific to workplace regulations.

RPL Conversion

Work Rehab is now able to assess your current qualifications and determine what is required for you to obtain you qualifications in a different or similar field. This can be a considerable time and cost saving exercise for you. This process is done immediately for all medically discharged officers to enable an empowering transition into civilian life.

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