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Work Rehab provides a full range of workplace and occupational rehabilitation services from Prevention to Management.  We also love creating things…

So if you have a workplace problem and are looking for an innovative solution, call us for chat.  We are happy to work through your workplace problem with you and where possible offer advice, education or alternatives.


The primary goal for someone who has sustained an injury in the workplace is to remain at work in their current position.


Injury or illness can prevent a person from performing their inherent job tasks at their usual place of work. 


Often when someone sustains an injury there are other factors inhibiting recovery, such as financial strain.


When an injured worker is not able to return to their previous job, we can assist with rehabiliation &  RTW facilitation


A significant and positive change can be made to your employees health and wellbeing, in as little as 30 mins.


When an employer offers someone looking for work the opportunity to get some experience in a particular role


Have you considered a staff wellness check up?  We can help improve productivity and happiness at work


Where there is a gap in service delivery and a solution, the management team at Work Rehab will innovate the change.

At Work Rehab we use a bio psychosocial model and client-centred approach, however we also understand how to use this model to get the most of our client interactions and case management.  We are also very good at assisting and educating employers and other treating providers in how to use it constructively.

Our Continuous Improvement Policy is currently our number one priority.  We encourage feedback and have developed innovative systems to ensure that this feedback is used constructively across our business and staff to ensure you receive the best service possible.  We are happy to share this with Employers if they like too.

Work Rehab has developed a special interest in Complex Case Management.  We delivered at the Comcare National Conference in 2016 in Canberra on this topic – Complex Case Management: A Shift in thinking.  View our Presentation.


Sucess Return to Work Same Employer (2016)


Return to Work Psychological Injuries (2016)

Work Rehab have three (3) nationally accredited mediators in Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide who can offer services to these states and Canberra if required. All staff have post graduate qualifications in Psychology and additional nationally accredited training in mediation and conflict resolution.


Return to Work for New Employer (2016)

We offer individual motivational vocational sessions which has proven useful when the client is unsure of their goal or new vocational pathways.


of ALL ex-defence personnel referred have returned to work


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